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The REVOLT Collection: pairs that enhance and assert your look!

novembre 03, 2021

Our REVOLT Collection is for the avant-garde, for those who do not follow the rules but create them. The oversized outsole is the main feature of this new silhouette. You will no longer go unnoticed, wherever you go!

Available in a high or low version, the REVOLT models allow you to assert yourself and assert your style! Embodied by the talented artist Thérèse (@tcommetherese), our collection opens up a world of possibilities.  Several looks are available to you, it all depends on the nature of the "Revolt" that lies dormant in you ✊ 

You can opt for a very underground neo-punk look like Thérèse with the hero product of our collection: the REVOLT BOOT LEATHER. Its durable black leather upper and its orange details are a tribute to the punk-rock era. It is the ideal pair for hitting the streets and festivals in style!

Photographer: @seedreeksphotography / Make-up artist: @mariedunemakeup /
Artist: @tcommetherese / Media: @tapage

For an innovative look designed for urban exploration, we recommend the REVOLT HI TEXTILE with its mid-high upper. Available in a palette of colours ranging from Red Salsa to the essential pair of Black boots, the silhouette guarantees an inimitable style for the daring city dwellers of today and tomorrow!  And for those who would prefer a more casual look, you can opt for the low version of this model with the REVOLT LO TEXTILE, just like Thérèse reveals it to us in her look no. 2.

More than just a pair, this new collection is designed for innovators, creatives who meet the challenges of a changing world. Feel and express the Revolt that is you. There is no need for hostility to assert it, the fight that drives Therese is above all within her:


"My revolt is in my bones. Out of a taste for subtle disobedience. For the love of freedom.

My revolt is sometimes violent. Usually gentle. Sometimes serious, sometimes full of humour. Colourful. Spicy. Nuanced. Rarely silent.

My revolt is alive." - Thérèse


Dare to think out of the box, explore the impossible and assert your personality!

If you too recognize yourself in our collection and you feel driven by a thought, an ambition, a rebellion, do not hesitate to share your Revolt with us by tagging us @palladium / @palladium_france 😊

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